One Room Challenge™ {The Guest Retreat} Week 6

It’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge and we are limping to the finish line. Yes, literally limping, as I mysteriously injured my foot, yet had to plow ahead and install the bedroom furniture yesterday. While I’m tired and sore and admittedly on edge, I’m also excited to see this transformation come to life. We just need a little styling and tweaking then I will be ready for the big reveal next Wednesday.  So this week’s post will focus on those finishing touches… many of which I still haven’t finalized!


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First of all, I can’t dive into the bedroom details until I give you one sneak peek of this paper! I’m so pleased that our plan to make the doors disappear has really come through. I think the key to success was having an excellent paper hanger and having the trim papered as well.

With the paper being so bold, I didn’t think we would need a lot of art and accessories – less really is more in this case! That said, we are planning on a few pieces to layer into the room and add a sense of depth and coziness. Every dressing table needs a mirror, a lamp, and a tray, so we’re working out the styling for that. I thought we’d hang this vintage gilded mirror (a Lambertville score!), but now I’m having second thoughts. It sways pretty traditional. . .do I want something a little more contemporary?

Beginnings on a styled console.  A few more edits to go. . .

This sweet little oxblood lamp is from our sponsor, Bellacor. I’m loving the contrast of its color against the paper, and its modern shape atop the more traditional desk. Just still not sold on that mirror. . .

While most of the walls will be unadorned to show off this fabulous paper, I did want to incorporate some art into the room and thought photography would be the best form. Given that this is a guest room, we didn’t have room in the budget for art – but I knew I could find great well-priced vintage photographs. I wanted something that feels both modern & soulful. I also found I was drawn to photographs that featured the color red. Ultimately this particular lady- an African jewelry merchant photographed by an unknown photographer- made the cut. I think she is delightful and I’m obsessed with her outfit, plus my own client has a propensity for jewelry, so it felt fitting!

As for the dresser, I’m still sorting out the styling here. I’m thinking of leaning some art, maybe adding a blue & white vase with flowers. . .but I’m still thinking. What are your favorite ways of styling a dresser? I’d love to hear.


Our custom shower curtain was hung up and it’s glorious! Sadly, it’s also a little long, so it’s getting hemmed and is due to be picked up the night before the photoshoot.  I’m bummed that I didn’t take a single progress photos of the curtain 🙁 But I did screen shot this video to give you guys a taste of what it will look like…  (PS you know I’m committed to the ORC cause if I post a blurry screen shot of myself.)

We decided to use the shower curtain to layer on ONE MORE pattern in this bathroom, and I think it was the finishing touch this room needed. The tribal stripe shakes up our preppy plaid bathroom a little bit, and I knew that adding something looser and funkier to this space would help tie it in to the rest of the home’s tailored bohemian feel.


Of course no bathroom is complete without a place to hang your towel. We’ll be incorporating Kohler’s Artifacts suite into this room. Robe hooks will be tucked along the left entry wall, towel rings will mount on either side of the vanity, and a coordinating paper holder will be in easy reach of the toilet. I like the little bit of traditional elegance these pieces bring to the bath, and I feel like they tie nicely into our wall sconces and our plumbing fixtures.

Last but not least, we hung this lovely nude painting in the bathroom. It’s a vintage piece I sourced through our sponsor the Mine. I was so pumped to learn that Mine has a section of vintage finds curated by Chairish.  Every room needs at least one old thing, and this is our bit of soul for this room.  I like having just a hint of the blush in here, and I think the feminine touch softens both the plaid floor and the rich tone of the walnut vanity.



We will be hurrying around doing last minute styling and tweaking, and somehow someway we’re going to photograph this project on Friday. I’ve been making a few last minute Amazon Prime purchases and I still need to pin down the plants. Because the bedroom definitely needs some green!

I can’t wait to share the finished space and images with you guys next Wednesday. Blue and White and plaid all over…. Will it be a hot mess or a design delight? Please make sure to tune in for the full reveal! 😊


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Catch up on our One Room Challenge Guest Retreat: 

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  5. Pattie

    love…love…love the tile work!!

  6. Eric

    Hanging that paper would have driven me nuts! Looks great tho. Whoever you had do it, knew what they were doing!

  7. Louise

    The bathroom should always be simple! I love your nude painting of the bathroom!

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