One Room Challenge™ {The Guest Retreat} Week 5

Happy Week 5 of the One Room Challenge!  Normally this would mean we have one week to finish, but as I mentioned last week, the ORC has extended the deadline by a week in accommodation of several participants who have been impacted by recent natural disasters from coast to coast. While we’ve been spared from any real disasters (no fires, floods, or gale force winds), we did have some serious shower drama last week and the wallpaper is going slowwww, so this extra week really was appreciated because both bedroom and bathroom are still messy construction sites at this point.


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Wallpaper is STILL going up.  With the walls being a textured plaster, we had to prime, then apply a liner before papering, plus there is the additional challenge of the doors, trim, and radiator cover.  What a laborious process this is, but my paperhanger, Keith, is doing a great job.  The doors are still not papered, but the trim was hung yesterday and it’s pretty amazing.  (Check my stories before 3pm to see that peek.)

The bed was just installed, and then immediately covered in drop cloths.  It’s certainly not ideal to install a big canopy bed literally in the middle of a wallpaper installation, but the ORC schedule is pretty demanding!  As you know, this is our substitute bed option and I was realllly nervous to see it go up. I’m relieved to see it in place, as I feel like it might work (and it’s certainly going to have to work for our ORC deadline!). I was extra happy to discover that we could assemble the bed without the foot board, allowing this piece to feel a bit more airy in the room.  I can’t properly assess until it is pushed into the bay window and surrounded by the rest of the furnishings.  What do you think? I’m going to mull it for now, and let’s talk about it again next week.

Given that we chose a statement wallpaper and our case pieces have rich wood tones, I really wanted the textiles to be, simple, natural, and neutral for the most part. So we’re starting on the floor with a large area rug in natural jute. I love the way jute mixes in with a blue & white theme – it feels casual, yet elegant and timeless at the same time. I also love the look of a layered rug, so we’re going to tuck this sweet little blue and white check from our sponsor Annie Selke as a pop under the bed.

Turning to the bed, I’m a big fan of white bedding for a moment of calm in the room. We’ll be utilizing Annie Selke again for a white textured coverlet and a white duvet to be layered at the end of the bed.  Pine Cone Hill is my go-to source for bedding as the quality and price-point is great, and they have everything from classic whites to trendy patterns. While I knew I wanted white bedding, we did want a little bit of tailored interest, so we selected this option with the red embroidered piping. I think it will be a nice foil to bring that color into the room. The red accents will be continued with a table lamp and some art, but more on that next week.

I do plan to add to the mix with a bed lumbar and a pillow on our chair, but I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing.  I do love this shibori dyed pillow along with this emboridered polka-dot number, but I’m not convinced they are the winners quite yet.  It will probably be a game-time decision, and I’ll likely share some options with you on Instagram, so please chime in and help me decide.


Ugh-Oh Too Low.  D’oh!

I thought we were rounding the finish line in the bathroom, until I discovered late last week that the main shower head was installed too low. At 5’7” I could barely fit under it, which of course is not acceptable! We explored a few avenues, with one alternative being a gooseneck arm that would have raised up the head by about 8”. Ultimately my client and I decided it did not fit with the integrity of what we designed, so my amazing contractor, Buono Construction Group, is ripping open our beautiful new tile work to raise the plumbing lines to give us a higher head. Despite the best planning, sometimes things go awry on jobsites, and I’m just so grateful to work with a team who is willing to go the extra mile to make our projects perfect.

PS- can we talk about how simple and sexy those niches are?

In less dramatic developments, the tub is in. I’m a big fan of this Mirabelle tub for its clean lines and nice height at 19” inches. It can be a great soaking tub for an adult or child, yet it isn’t too high to step over for everyday showering.

Another functional and clean element in this room is the medicine cabinets. We really wanted to maximize storage, so we went for a recessed cabinet instead of a decorative mirror. While we could have done something more elaborate, I felt like the bathroom already had a lot of pizzazz, so I opted for this simple, beveled, frameless medicine cabinets are from our sponsor The Mine. We literally could have sourced this whole bedroom and bathroom project from The Mine – both of our medicine cabinets and the toilet are from them, and they truly have everything available on their site… including the vintage painting we will be hanging in here!  (Stay tuned for that one.)

(Wall mount faucet is Hans Grohe)


Next week is going to be crazy.  My assistant, Chrissy, and I will have the joy of attempting to install the large jute rug under our big canopy bed.  (Ooops that’s the wrong order!) We will also be moving the rest of the furniture into the bedroom and do the finishing styling elements.  I’m nervous to put holes in our gorgeous paper, but we do intend to hang a mirror and a piece of art or two.  Speaking of paper, let’s say a prayer my paperhanger wraps up by the end of this week?

On the bathroom end, Buono Construction will be patching that tile and once the room is cleaned we will be hanging our custom shower curtain!  We also need to do a little zhushing in here to make it feel finished and and cozy.  I’ve honestly lost track of what we covered and what we haven’t, but I’ll try to tie up loose ends next week before our big reveal on 11/15.  If you have any questions, or want to hear more about a certain design element, let us know if the comments!



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  5. Louise

    I love the bathroom! Nice clean lines! So much trouble with the shower head! I had then same problem when I moved in.

  6. Vel

    Love the rug options and the layering!

  7. MagPie

    Your rooms are also so beautiful and unique — you always stay ahead of design trends. Or set them I should say! The bathroom is just to die for and I cannot wait to see 🙂
    Haha I have done the install rug under bed trick so many times…. lift and scootch, lift and scootch

    • Naomi

      Haha so true with the scootch and lift!

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